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Originally Ruby Red (puts it around 1991), but now finished in Classic Black nitrocellulose. It's just thin enough to allow the natural grain of the wood to show through in certain lights! There are a couple of marks, but nothing serious. Other than the finish this is all original. It now has a set of Hybrid Slinkys (9-46) on. A great sounding, playing and looking guitar. Edge trem. F4/C3/F2 Ibanez/Dimarzio pickups. Has the nicest 2 and 4 sounds, the only reason I've kept it, but it's just not getting played. Has sat for a while(not been keen on trems for some time), so would probably benefit from a set up. Can include a used Hiscox for an extra £50 it's not perfect, but will fully protect your guitar!

Grab yourself an early 90's proper Japanese, FijiGen Ibanez

Even has the whammy bar!

Collection/meeting somewhere (within reason) would be better if it's without the case, but I do have a gig bag, box and a load of packaging ready to go if it really needs to be posted

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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