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Hi! I recently started selling some of my guitars to try and condense my collection and I am having a little trouble with my player grade RG750.

Unfortunately, the serial number sticker fell off so I can't figure out the exact date it was made. From my research, I think it might be a 1988 model. It has the original edge trem, as well is "IBZUSA" pickups without the c2/c3 branding and has a black body. I am also having a hard time setting a price for it, I see that these guitars are quite rare and from the limited number of sold listings on reverb, they go from $500 - $1000. The only one I can find currently for sale is listed at $1000. Does this model with the older branding pickups bring more money?

Any help is appreciated, and let me know if you might be interested in purchasing it and I can upload some pictures.
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