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Ibanez RGA321F

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I've been playing guitar for around 8 years and I'm now looking to invest in a premium instrument. I've played an Ibanez RG for 6 years and have tried alternative Brands but haven't found anything I'm satisfied with.

I'm not an incredibly technical player and I'm looking for a top quality guitar without any features I wouldn't use. This is why the RGA appealed to me. Replace the original pickups with Seymours and it seems like it would be my dream guitar. However, I live in the Midlands (UK) and I can't find anywhere to go and try it out before I buy it. None of the shops in Birmingham have one, neither Hanley.

Firstly, does anyone know a place not too far away from Staffordshire that will stock these guitars. Secondly I would love to hear peoples opinions on the guitar or alternatives that you think may suit my needs.


PS. How different is the neck on an RGA to the Wizard II ??
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The RGA guitars have the Prestige Wizard neck which is thinner than the Wizard II. I have two guitars with a Wizard II neck and I thought they were awesome until I played the Wizard Prestige neck. If you go to a music store and play any prestige Ibanez guitar RG (RG1570, RG25xxx, RG3xxx) then you will know what the neck will feel like because they have the exact same dimensions.

I think that an RGA would be great for you if you are looking for a premium Ibanez instrument without features that you won't need like a floating trem. I really wanted one for myself but the RGA321 is about 1000 bucks out of my price range. I wouldn't worry too much about the changing the pickups if you get the RGA321 because it comes with Dimarzio pickups. Some people like them and some people don't, but you can at least give them a good workout before you decide to make any pickup changing decisions.
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Hey man,

cheers for the advice. I'll see if they've got a guitar with a prestige neck in stock and give it a go.

if you have less priority for a flamed maple top, the RGA121 is one to consider- having Duncans in mine soon... :)
what's a flame maple top?!?!

And what are the fundamental differences between the 321 and the 121?

Flamed maple gets it's name due to the wavy figurings in the wood (maple). The differences between the RGA121 and RGA321 is the flamed maple top (321) vs plain maple top (121), and pickups: Dimarzio/IBZ (321) V7/V8 (121).

In case you don't know how a flamed maple top looks like:

Notice the figuring?

Hope this helps.
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So basically, besides the pickups, the difference between them is purely aesthetic. Right?

If that's the case £300 is a bit of a price hike for mere prettiness...however, the 321 is bloody gorgeous imo.

1 more question! How do the Dimarzio/Ibz pickups play compared to say Seymours or real Dimarzios???

Cheers for your help,
There's one more difference. The finishes. I believe the 121 has a matte finish and the 321 a gloss finish. As for the pickups, it's down to personal preference, really. The sound of an IBZ in Basswood is better than an Evolution in Basswood (to me, anyway). But the PAF Pro is better in Basswood than the IBZ (again, to my ears). You should try out the guitars yourself to know how they feel/play/sound like. Hope this helps.
Cheers man, you're right, the most important thing is trying it out...

Just found a place that stocks it too!! woop!

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