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Hello Jemsite! I am fairly new here and since there seems to be a lot of Ibanez experts floating around here, I thought I'd ask for your opinions before I made a purchase.

I've had my eye on the Ibanez S570DXQM for a while, but I'm not quite sure if it will work with my diverse playing styles.
I am currently in a metalcore band, specifically melodic metalcore. I need a guitar that will bring clarity and warmth to the higher notes, while maintaining depth and punch to those heavier chugs.
My band tunes to a half step down and I would assume not, but would the S have any issues with the lower tuning? Forgive my ignorance, but I've never owned a locking trem.

On the flip side, I'd still like to be able to play jazz, blues and Vai type stuff with the same guitar.
I know this is a tall order and may be impossible to find in one guitar, but I'm hoping that an S can leave me at least satisfied.

Would you recommend that I buy this guitar? Is there a guitar that would suit me better with a ~$650 budget?
I plan to change out the pups as soon as possible, too. What pickups would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!
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