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Hey guys, I've got an SC620 up for grabs here, it has a few flakes in the paint where someone has mistreated it and given it some dings in the body but the neck and fretboard are still in great condition.
It has a Seymour Duncan pickup in the neck (not sure which model as I didn't install it) and the standard bridge pickup in. I don't think there has been any other mods to the guitar!
Unfortunately I just can't keep hold of this one, I have a 420 that I'm quite attached to so this one has to fly the nest!
It's a wicked guitar to play, absolutely rips on the bridge pickup and cleans up really nicely too, I hope someone has as much fun with her as I have.
Only comes with a gig bag I'm afraid as I didn't get a hard case with it either.
I really don't fancy posting it far for that reason so if there's anyone that wants to collect it that would be awesome, if they do want it posting then give me a shout and I'll do my best to wrap her up in bubble wrap etc!
£400 - Lincoln/Newark area in the UK
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