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Hey everyone -

I let one of my endorsers trade this in for a new Reverend bass - Eric Murillo of the Kickass. Admitedly, I don't know much about this particular run of instruments. It appears to be a 2008, and everything works great. There are a lot of EQ options for the Bartolini pickups. My tech here at Reverend, Zack Green, put new strings on it and gave it a full set up, tuned her low B to high C, polished the frets, cleaned it up etc...

There are a ton of pics at: http://photobucket.com/IbanezSR706

It will ship here from the Reverend facility in Livonia, MI.
$450 plus actual ship, I'll go global if I can ship the case, no problem.

PM me or email direct to [email protected]
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