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I've never done any kind of guitar wiring before. Therefore, before you flame me for opening the bitch up and jumping in feet first, know that I've spent plenty of time kicking my own ass already. I just couldn't wait to play with it. Now it seems I have to anyway. On that note...

I have two EMG 85's that I'm trying to wire in this thing, the thing being an Ibanez SZ520QM. I followed the diagram and have them in the guitar, and as far as I can tell the pots are wired correctly too. I borrowed some electrical solder from my buddy who does car electronics. I'm going to assume that this is all correct.

The problem I am having is this god forsaken switch. The diagram looks nothing like it... my switch has 8 prongs, whereas I believe the diagram shows 3. I am assuming this is because when the SZ520QM's switch is in the middle position, it "splits" the two humbuckers, essentially giving you two single coil pickups. Do I just need a normal three pronged three way switch? Will this solve all my problems? Am I way off the mark? Should my novice ass march down to my local music shop early in the morning with my tail between my legs?

Please help me figure this out guys. Thanks!
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