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I picked up an Ibanez SA560MB and I love the feel of the neck, the Dimarzios sound nice - aside from the setup which was a travesty and the fact that the back is a solid dark matte finish, not the red wood look on the Ibanez site photos, which will teach me to order online, I'm ok with it. But the trem...

It promises traditional styling, but an evolution of it that trem. Feels no better than any strat trem, though the tuning stability is ok. The bar either screws in too tight to move or it starts to rattle in the slot after one use. Stupidly without opening the back to look at the trem block I bought a pack of those little screws you can drop into a Fender trem under the arm to secure it. Of course, the socket is drilled right through so they would just fall out. I did laugh at myself when I got them and opened it up. I'd consider replacing the trem block as it's very thin, presumably to help with the SA weight, but a full size one would require routing out a bit of body which I'd rather avoid if possible.

Seems a shame to give up on yet another tremolo system and just block it off. Has anyone got one of these working any better? Have I missed something? Lee Wraithe's bar doesn't seem to be rattling about in that one video they released for this guitar ;)
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