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Ibanez TN120 Thermion Head - WOW!

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We just received our first shipment of these amps... have you guys heard this thing yet? We A/B'd it against a Mesa Dual Rectifier head and a Marshall TSL100 Friday night and much to my surprise everyone at the shop liked the Ibanez better! This is quite an accomplishment considering the Ibanez is about $500.00 less than the Boogie or Marshall.

I'm a long time Dual Rec guy and we sell some high end amps here like Diezel and Roccaforte, but my Ibanez rep wasn't kidding when he said I was going to be impressed!

Drop me an email, phone call or PM for pricing and any other info.

Matt :)

Matt's Music Center
35 Pleasant St
Weymouth MA 02190 USA
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Ibanez is starting to make quality amplifiers now, this should be good news
I had a Toneblaster 15 watt Ibanez.. All it had was gain gain gain and more gain. =P.. which sometimes isnt too bad.
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