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Ibanez Usrg30

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Hi, I put the last Ibanez I kept for sale. Guitar made in the USA by Dave Bunker with the Tension Free Neck, I think they were only made between 1994 and 1996, it is the guitar on which the John Petrucci Ibanez was based- Light and resonant guitar, with Paf Pro and Tone Zone pickups. The body was repainted by Alain Dusz (only the body, not the shovel) because in these models the color was lost. There is information on the internet, I have not seen many of these around here, not to mention that I have never come across any in this forum, a collectible guitar, without knocks except for the small chipping of the headstock.
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I have copied my comment from another forum, on this page if I have seen other usrg30, sorry, the price is 1900 euros. For photos send private and I refer you to a page where I have it published and where you can see my sales history, greetings
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