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Im 16 been playing two years: what you think of my playing??? (CLIP)

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I been playing since my 14th birthday. Just recorded this with the pod xt i aquired for my 16th birthday a month ago. What do you think. Used my ibanez rg2550E. Sorry there is two mistakes, but apart from that it is perfect i think. I used a backing track and wrote all the leads myself. At about 2:30 there is a bit of shred. What you think of my playing? Its inspired by Vai:


thanks guys.
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not bad for somebody as young as you.... keep up the good work and work hard on the guitar..... BTW nice tone
That was pretty good for someone that's only been playing for as long as myself but who is a hell of a lot younger. None of the stuff that I write sounds anything like that...of course my playing really isn't influenced by Vai in the slightest so yeah...

Keep up the good work, man!
Really good job there. Pay a little bit attention to the ending of your phrases. (The clicks and clucks take away from the melody.) Great stuff neverthelesss!
Very good for only been playing guitar for 2 years. Nice tone too. :)
sounds good. i wish i had been playing like that after just two years. keep it up.
carlos grijalva said:
sounds great, loved the tone. Whats your setup?
yeah!! wat fx did u use? it sounds so soft and smooth
Other than some minor negativity in your timing, well played. Nice songwriting, choice of notes etc... Especially a nice tone!!! Keep up the good work!
Very good :) It seems like you're on the right tracks, most people don't even know what notes are in C Major after playing for 2 years.

I'd suggest acquiring some knowledge of harmony in terms of chord progressions as this is something people neglect and wish they'd looked at sooner after they've become strong in one area, i.e soloing lead style. If you do this then you'll be covering ground in all areas of music and hopefully be on your way to becoming a well rounded musician.
Sounds really nice dude, something i'd actually listen to on my own. Love that tone - what is it? any effects running?
definitely some ripping guitar playing in there man
lol. what inspired you to dig this one up from 2 years ago?
Nice! I love Riviera Paradise!

Edit: just saw that this was almost three years old!
That was nice,refreshing to hear a different style of playing on this forum
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