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Im going to modify a Jem 90th Ham

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im going to put x2n/or a D activator in bridge, and dual sound in neck. (Chrome bubbings), get the pickguard re-chromed, the black screws, whammy bar and the Evo coil too. Super Switch swapped with a little ****ty ibanez switch.

But the things is,, i am wandering on get it painted in another colour... A more lik chrome Brass colour.. Like it looks like in the Gallery..

What do you think?
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it looks little more classy with some brass in the paint(colour of the sealing afflicting the guitar here).

i want to make it a little more JEM 10th.. The 10th is beautiful, but the 90th is in my opinion cooler..
mine is greenish, not blueish... it got alot of sun in croatia at dragianni:p
look... i know green is good for my heart chakra as my girlfriend said:p hehe
She means i need to open up more, rather then express me on the guitar:p

By the way, i have already got from www.floydupgrades.com titanium big block for the edge. brass spring claw and noiseless springs. CHECK it out. guitar world have proven that the sound get betther on youtube
isnt it a 2$ switch hard printed card board inside the "special" switch? many has changed it when there a leak of tone..

upgraded with chrome pups and knobs, brass big block, brass claw, noiseless strings, trem armingadjuster, super switch, split fase out knob on volume..
(swirls are for girls, just kidding) Swirl this type of body would be rare, hmmm:) a chromish, mirror,bluesish, swirl with art brush? could be cool :)
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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