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Info wanted on Legacy 212 extension cabinet

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Can the Legacy 212 extension cabinet be used with the Legacy head? Want to get the Legacy head but do not want the big 412 cabinet (limited space). Also does this amp sound as good as the sound snips from Carvin's website?
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yes. i believe it's an 8Ω cabinet, so set the amp to 4Ω. and the amp sounds just as good, if not better than those clips, once everything is broken in(speakers, etc.).
Why not just set the switch at 8 ohms instead. You should always match the impedance of your speakers to your amp.
taken from Brian D on the Carvin board:
Brian D said:
4Ω. The impedance switch needs to be set to a value lower that the lowest impedance load. 16Ω and 8Ω would equal 5.33Ω. So 4Ω is the correct setting.
although he is speaking of a different speaker combination, the impedance remains the same. i generally like to follow, or take into deep consideration, advice of people like him, your usual tech-head type. i am running a legacy combo, which uses the 8Ω cab, and have yet to experience any load problems. however, i have been wrong before. and impedance, ohm settings, and speaker loads are topics that usually greatly confuse me. (i sure am a lot of help, huh?)
hi Toney......i just got the legacy head and 2 twelve cabinet........
its way to loud for home.specially if you live in a apartment.it is usable though.
but it gets loud fast....... i have read some think its a marshall super lead with more gain.....some think its a marshall hot rodded jcm 800......its a great amp for the money

the cabinet....will sound different. depending on the way you have it sitting.....try different ways.....and you can make it a open back cabinet too..which is how i have it right now

i live in a apartment..and i cant turn it up past 1 or its to loud lol
knarfzednem said:
i believe it's an 8Ω cabinet, so set the amp to 4Ω.
8 ohm cabinet, 8 ohm setting on the amp. 2 - 8 ohm cabinets, 4 ohm setting on the amp. Not sure where you get your info, but I would find another source.

Theoretically, it is safe to run a slightly higher load than the setting on the amp, but it really doesn't let you run your amp hotter at a lower volume, so why take a chance.
hey, so i'm kinda' wrong i guess. but since it's okay to run it at half the impedance, that's alright, right? but then sometimes i hear that it's okay to run it at twice the impedance and then my head explodes.
i'll try it at 8 ohms today. will that be any more safe than 4Ω?
Running an 8 ohm cabinet at the 8 ohm setting is the safest, why do you think they label it as such? I said "theoretically" it should be safe to run at half the impedance, but it may put more wear on your output tubes and tranny.

I've heard that about running at 2X the impedance too, doesn't make sense, definitely not recommended.

The safer the best, if you run a 4 ohms cabinet when your head is set to 8 ohms what's gonna happen is that the element that will start to dissipate energy -usually in the form of heat- is the head, the purpose of matching impedances is to force elements in a circuit to do the job they were designated for, when the head starts to dissipate more heat than the calculated bad things happen and smell like smoke; if you plan to use a different cabinet impedance, the advice is to go to higher impedance than the recommended.... that way the cabinet dissipates energy/heat in the usual way... sound!
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