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Installing peizos into an edge pro bridge.

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I already own an Ibanez RG 1520 with the peizo's and Roland GK 13 pin out. Unfortunately Ibanez does not offer GK electronics in any other guitar, and I need at least one good back up guitar with 13 pin out. Ibanez also does not sell the Edge Pro with GK to customers or dealers, and we all know that unless you are an endorsee, you aren't getting any custom work.

I've located a used Double edge pro bridge, which has the "steel inserts" where the peizo's are on my bridge, and am considering purchasing it and replacing the inserts with LR baggs peizos,(the same peizo's that are installed in the RG 1520 bridge), and adding a Ghost Hexpander to a new RG model.

Does any one have any experience with this type of work? Or good experience with the Steel inserts on the Edge Pro? If I could be certain that the LR baggs peizo's would easily fit, and that the lead wires have a good exit hole on the bridge plate, I'm ready to do some experimenting! I've studied the Photos of the Edge Pro Bridge from the Ibanez Parts Page, and as best as I can tell the Steel Inserts are exactly the same size as the peizo's, (there are no detailed photos of the Edge Pro for GK as Ibanez will not sell these, or the Double Edge Pro for any reason!).

I have had many Roland Synth controllers in the past, including the Ibanez made Roland G505, and G808, and the Ibanez original IMG 2010. The RG 1520 tracks better than anything on the market! I'm also so acustomed to the Edge Pro bridge that a standard Strat style bridge doesn't work right for me. (BTW, tuning and intonation stability are also essential for proper synth tracking with any 13 pin system, and, In My Honest Opinion,the Edge Pros' stability is unsurpassed!).

The Brian Moore i series, and Godin Freeway SA guitars support 13 pin output, and track very well. But no other manufacturer offers peizo's in a Floyd style bridge. I am also very loyal to Ibanez. I would rather purchase a Japanese AR 2000/3000 at $1900, than a similarly priced US Gibson Les Paul. (I've been told that I'm nuts more than a few times for making that comment).

Of course I could just purchase a second RG 1520,...but,... where is the challange in that?
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