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Hey ! How are we all ?? Just a quick post to let you know that my solo album "The Journey Of Life" is finally released ! It did take a lot lot longer to finish but it is finally out now. Please drop by and have a listen if you like what you hear then get yourself a copy. You can order off my own personal website, also off of guitar9 and cd baby what every is easier for you !! Just click on the pic and it will take you straight to my music.
Hope to hear from you soon
your friend


Glory Daze Review

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The Songs
Dean displays an eclectic variety of styles. Hard out rockers as you would expect, some ambient acoustic stuff, plus some ethereal moments that could well touch on the likes of UK dinosaurs Jade Warrior or Hawkwind . For starters, Dean and his team blaze away in pure retro glory on 'Going Nowhere', then give us a taste of AC/DC styled rhythm guitar on 'Get Up And Go'. The solos provide a different color but the bass guitar is sadly pushed back in the mix - very muffled unfortunately. You could say a majority of the material is experimental sounding. 'Mountains Of Echo' is very ambient, the acoustic guitar has the reverb on 10, the whole affair coming off like a Michael Hedges new age tune. Likewise 'Hypnotized', which as the title would suggest, is high on melody, ambience and feeling.. nice! Something different is the instrumental solo 'The Journey Man Ryan Carroll' which has shades of Steve Lynch's famous solo 'Hammerhead' off Autograph 's 'That's The Stuff' album. Not suggesting that it is in the same league, but similar soundwise. Back to the experimental is '2ism', which could well be Enya with lead guitar! Changing the soundscape yet again is the title-track 'The Journey Of Life'.. a little bit stripped back, the production a bit rawer than previous tracks.

In Summary
Both bands that Dean has been involved with ( Sanitas and Electric Soup ) have both bitten the bullet. Dean is working on a prog rock based project that will take a heavier direction, in the mould of Dream Theater and Tool . I must point out that 'The Journey Of Life' is an expression of Dean's musical ideas, and as such, he could well reach our ears in future, in whatever genre he so chooses. The acoustic/ambient style he displays on this album is a far cry from his intended prog direction. I would suggest that Dean explore the work of Neal Schon , Craig Chaquico as rockers who have walked down the electric/acoustic/new age path with much success, because there are moments here which indicate to me that he would do well in that genre. Dean is also about to head south to Brighton to study guitar at BIMM. Good luck to you laddie. Hope it works out.

Review By: gdazegod
URL: www.deanmcginnes.com


Public Reviews

"Very Good ! and I'm hard to please when it comes to music. Good variety of music. Well put together, very professional."


"Just listened to the CD, very good !!"

John Boy

"track 1 heavy rock 8/10, track 2 excellent, puts me in the mind of Brian May(Queen)9/10 Track 6 song that you would maybe hear at WWE ! 10/10 track 7 very relaxing, great fingers ! 7/10, tracks 9&10 again very relaxing and gets better, best track on the CD ! 10/10. All in all very good guitarist, especially like songs 2 & 10."

Ged Dailly

"Great album! lots of different*styles to suit all moods,*quality riffage,*rockin stuff!!!!!"

Darren Sifton
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