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Interesting stuff

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Got this in an email today, you may have seen it already:

Its all relative.

Florida State University in Tallahassee has put up a very
interesting page on their site. It begins as a view of the milky
way galaxy viewed from a distance of 10 million light years and then
zooms in toward earth in powers of 10. 10 million, to one million, to
100,000 light years and then it finally reaches a large oak tree. If
ever there was a witness to creation, these folks have captured it for
our viewing pleasure!

Once you click on the site, the software does all the work. Sit back
and imagine how perfect our universe is! You can play it forward
and backward to be amazed over and over. At the end, it says
AUTO; click on that and review the process in reverse!
(I like the manual mode best for changing scenes).

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Demiurge said:
It's like that "Power of 10" video that was made in the 70's.
Exactly, and now you also know where Shawn Lane got the title ftom for his first solo CD ;)
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