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Hey guys,

I have a 2000 JEM7VWH with an ebony fretboard and a Lo Pro Edge tremelo. Is this model worth more than the later models with the rosewood fretboard and Edge Pro? It definitely has some wear and tear, as you can see in the pictures because it was played a lot on gigs. I'm just wondering if the 2000 models would be in higher demand because of the hardware.




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I think that they are generally perceived as more desirable because of them being ebony boarded with a Lo-Pro, yes. When sourcing mine I specifically waited for Rich to have a 2002 in because it has that spec.

These days I also think the lack of rosewood makes international deals a lot easier.

What will be interesting is how the new Premium JEM7VP with its Edge trem and ebony board affect the value of these.
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