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Is it a bad idea to dress frets yourself?

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Hi. A lack of cash restricts me from getting my RG750 neck professionally dressed up, so I wondered if there's a "light" fret dress I can do myself. The frets are quite uneven, there's a couple of small grooves and a few rattles. It's not done bad considering the hell my guitar has been through! It was in storage for about a year in it's case, but little did I know that the place where it was stored was majorly damp. The damp got through the case and eventually rusted all the hardware and pretty much ruined the guitar. Nevertheless, I have managed to ressurrect it and I think I can salvage it. If there's anything I can do to improve the fretboard without causing any damage, I'd like to know.
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Thanks man, reading now.
Yes, there is such a thing as a "light" fret dress ... but if your frets are as bad as you indicate, a light fret dress won't help your problem. Sounds like you need a full fret level at least. You certainly could learn to do this yourself, if you work carefully and learn enough about what you are doing before you start. Read everything you can find online, and maybe pick up a book if you can afford or borrow one.
OK, thanks for the input. :)
Check this out. I was skeptical but the feedback seems to indicate it works. Item number: 7364459636 The big auction site we can't mention.
Hey, very useful man, thank you!
Go for it. The worst outcome (providing you don't physically damage the wood of the neck) is that you have to pay for a refret.
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