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is this a fair deal?

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well ive just been given an offer of about 550$ for my ESP(LTD)mf 207 which is pretty much the same as the regular f 207 except this ones black and has skull and crossbone inlays.It still has the stock emg hz's which i never really liked.I think the mf 207 was made exclusively for musicians friend.I bought it new in october 2002.I dont really play it much (specially after i got the rg1527) i still have a soft spot for this guitar as this was first seven string guitar and i still like the looks of this guitar.What do you guys think?Im sorry if im posting this in the wrong section.Thanks in advance.
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if you don't play it anymore you could probably let it go
It does sound like a great deal. Go for it. ;)
I would sell that guitar if I was offered that sum.
thanks guys!the deals done,the dude took it away a few hours back.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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