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Hey y'all
Ignorantly I bought this one of evilbay. Look up 2000 Ibanez J-Custom RG1680 DRD W/OHSC. Upon telling my tech who is an authorised Ibanez dealer was scolded for not being aware of all the fake ibanezs on ****. The guitar is currently in transit, so during this time I have done my research and it looks authentic. It is actually a 2001, not 2000. The guy selling it seems legit even though his knowledge of ibanez guitars is limited. I learnt this via correspondence. I also contacted Ibanez Australia and they seem to think that it is authentic though for legal reasons they can't say definitively. The guy from Ibanez actually told me to check you guys out as you seem to be experts in this area. So what do you all think?

I would greatly appreciate any help.
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