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Having decided that I am going to upgrade the pickups in my Rg to a Crunchlab/liquifire combo I also decide to replace the volume pot with something better. So I buy a cts audio pot off ebay. I unsolder all the leads off the old pickups and remove them, unsolder and remove the old vol pot. When I go to put the new one in it's too big. I'd not given it any thought and assumed everything would be a standard size. Doh!
Anyway, after taking a file to the guitar body to enlarge the hole (no pickguard you see!) I get the pot in the body. Pickups all in and soldered, checked everything works. Job done, just got to refit the control knob and restring.
Ooops the hole in the knob is too small!!! Of course the Japenese stuff is metric and the american stuff is imperial!!
Luckily I've dabbled with a bit of engineering. I have a pillar drill and some drills. The Ibanez knob is 6mm while the cts pot is 1/4 inch just about 6.5mm. So after a quick run down the center of the knob with a 6.5mm drill I've got the knob on!!

I'll have to wait until tomorrow now to try it all out. Exciting :)
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