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I've finally joined the JS family!

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After a significant amount of time spent pondering the purchase, I finally decided to pull the trigger recently on a 2006 JS1200. I played a JS1000 several years ago at a guitar center and really dug the feel of it, but was really wanting a Jem at the time. After buying my 7VSBL, I figured that was enough money spent on guitars for a while and the idea of a JS took a back seat. More recently, my financial situation has improved somewhat and I liked the color of the JS1200 more and more every time I saw it. Since it's essentially functionally identical to the 1000, I decided it was for me, and here we are.

It's dead stock so everyone is already quite familiar with what it looks like, but I know I'll get yelled at if I don't post pics, so here's a couple. Note that you can click them for a slightly larger version, if you'd like.

The feel is just as nice as I recall from my test drive, quite different from my Jem, but it's at least as easy to play. The lack of 23rd and 24th frets used to bug me a little, but I've long since gotten over that, and besides, I have plenty of 24 fret Ibanezes already, all of them RG shapes. This one stands on its own quite nicely as it's so much more distinct from the others than the Jem. On a side note, this is also my first Edge Pro and I have, thus far, noticed no significant functional differences between it and a Lo-Pro. I'm not a major bar abuser, but I indulge in both dives and pull-ups occasionally and it handles both with no trouble and stays perfectly in tune.

I love the electronics on this guitar, the pickups have a wonderful tone that is immediately very Satch-like, particularly the neck. You can tell it's not meant to be a high-output screamer, which again is fine as I have plenty of those. What blows me away is the versatility! Between the coil tap and the high-pass filter, two humbuckers with a three-way toggle switch have never had such a wide range of available tones. Fat, bright, even twangy, this one guitar delivers it all. I couldn't be more pleased with the sound.

Anyway, just thought I'd share, sorry to ramble on like that. :)
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also the upside without 23 & 24 at a glance its easier to work out quickly going to fret 19 etc :) but yeah frets 23 n 24 arnt needed too much , well not for me anyway, though fret 24 makes it easier to quickly get a 24th fret harmomic :)
Of course, the 24th fret harmonic is the same as the 5th fret harmonic obviously, but I get your point. ;) As far as finding certain frets, I think it's just about what you're used to. I have so many 24 fret guitars that I actually have to think for an extra split second sometimes when playing on a 22, but it's not a big enough difference to worry about too much.
Wow, strange, I didn't know you were a forum member either. Particularly since this is supposed to be a site for Jems, that's a little odd.

I must say that the setup is excellent, which is likely a contributing factor to why it plays so well. Amusingly, the high E string actually broke near the bridge the very first time I touched it straight out of the case. One of my coworkers was like "geez, you already broke a string?" I just unwound it a bit from the tuner and then replaced the string entirely when I got home. Otherwise, I've had to make no adjustments to the setup whatsoever.

I've had my RG7620 for a couple of years now, another great Ibanez product, enjoy it. ;)
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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