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Jackson DK2 - Floyd Rose question

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I just picked up a Jackson DK2 and it's got their crappy tremolo on it, I'm not 100% positive if it's the JT580 or not...but at any rate...
Will a REAL Floyd Rose fit on this guitar with no routing???
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ive never seen this done but i think it will, no way to tell without trying and the original floyd is honestly easy enough to sell that your not going to be out of money
I am 90% sure it will, maybe 95%. It should fit right in. It will be a move well worth doing too, your tuning stability will be far improved, and the tone too. If it doesnt fit, it will only be slightly out. Let us know what happens.
i am pretty sure that the FRO will drop right in. the only way it wouldn't would be if the trem was the cheaper schaller styled trems on the "10" series. considering that you have a dk2, it should be a jt580lp, or jt500. the jt580lp will look exactly like the lo-trs2, as the jt500 should look like the old trs or the washburn 600s. all of which are takeuchi trems. i have done FRO to jt-500 and jt-580lp swaps on jacksons. on a dr-3 and stealth ex, and the takeuchi routes are larger than that for a FRO. my only bit of advice for that would be to swap out the pivot posts for the ones for the floyd, thye work a lot better for the floyds knife edges, but is not imperative. i know that ibanez uses the same ones as floyd rose, but jackson uses some oversized ones, which are ugly as hell.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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