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U08222 is the serial number....

Here's the scoop. I bought this guitar for a great price, and figured I would flip it quickly to buy a fixed bridge guitar, I HATE Floyds!!!!!

Finish is mint, hardware is mint, and it's in REALLY good shape. I think it's a 2002 or 2001.

Anyhow. I added the pups, but the original 59 and JB are available to the buyer if they want. The current Dimarzio Tone Zone and Paf are coil tapped on the tone knob and offer MUCH more versatility and a BETTER sound then the stock setup. It comes down to the buyer though.

Anyhow, no scratches on the headstock, so that looks mint. The nut and Floyd are in mint shape (Floyd is currently blocked)


Im going to be ANAL here, as this is critical stuff to any buyer.

Hairline crack in the ebony that is about 1 inch long. You cant notice it unless there is fresh oil on the fretboard. My tech laughed when I pointed it out to him saying it is nothing. Camera CANNOT take pictures of it, it's just too small and fine. Fingerboard is freshly cleaned and lemon oiled.

I JUST spent 100$ on getting the guitar set up , and having the frets re-crowned. when I got the guitar, I noticed the very ends of the frets had raised slightly on the treble side of the guitar on a few frets. This concerned me and I asked my tech if it was a big deal. He said no as the fingerboard contracts slightly and it happens. Anyhow, he set everythign up and it plays great, I tried sticking a feeler under a few of the ends and it's less then .200mm between the binding and the fret. However, as my tech said, its a minor cosmetic issue as the frets are seated right, and the guitar is playing GREAT.

The tech blocked the Floyd and made her a SWEET PLAYER. My tech Mike has done a lot of tech work and done work for a few famous players (Mentioned Kick Axe and Trooper as well as others) I have the invoice for the tech work, and can also use him as a reference. I talked with some board members and they mentioned this was a minor issue, but like i said, im being anal.

Guitar comes with Orig case in mint shape.

Buyer has choice of orig pups, or the new Tone Zone and Paf combo (I highly recommend)

I'll ship anywhere in North America, and can accept Paypal.

50+ feedback on ****, verified with Paypal.

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