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Jeff Becks tone?

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I have been listening to blow by blow, truth, who else, and wired. Does anyone know where he gets his tone from? I know it has alot to do with his fingers since he does not use a pick. But how about that sustain what effects is he using? He has amazing tone I just can't figure it out. What do you guys know and think about his gear.

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he has a signature strat and i think he uses marshalls
And he has been known to use nearly no effects whatsoever. Very often it is just guitar --> amp. I think he uses the Marshall DSLs these days.
Bear in mind that the 3 albums you mentioned were recorded in the 70's, and he was still using Les Pauls as well as strats, and still using a pick back then too.

His more recent work is pretty much strat+marshall+fingers, and he used a Snarling Dogs wah on the last album.
you need to get tinnititus (sp?) and then set up your amp :(. poor chap - i was inspired by Blow by Blow and Wired and still pull out Led Boots every now and then on stage to mess with my drummer.
i've never tried to get his tone. i think 99% of his sound is his fingers. he is so quirky in his touch.
He's sickeningly good. That harmonic whammy work on "Guitar Shop" is mind-blowing to say the very least.
Ekim said:
He's sickeningly good. That harmonic whammy work on "Guitar Shop" is mind-blowing to say the very least.
YES! Go get Guitar Shop if you want to study his Strat/Finger/Straight-into-the-amp tones.

All early stuff he played the LP with a pick, although I was with Jan Hammer in NY not too long ago and he told me he and Jeff did "Wired" in Jan's Studio in Putman County NY. Jeff was seriously into learning Jan's keyboard techniques and translating that mindset to the fretboard. Remember, those two guys did that whole album- Jam on keys/drums/bass ans Jeff on guitars/bass.

Go listen to "Blue Wind" which in my opinion is the purist essence of that time period for Jeff.
Gibson les paul into a marshall for pre '76...strat in a marshall then till now..
Nothing about tone here.... I just have to say that my jaw drops whenever I listen to Beck. His stuff hits you brutally, yet his tone sounds and feels soft and supple. It's not all about his chops either, it's about the place he's coming from. I'm just left shaking my head, It's hard to believe that unassuming little British man can make all that ruckus...

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