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Jem 3 way switch?

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I did a search on this and ended up with results in a tattoo thread of all things... so I'm just asking out of curiosity...

Anyone changed the switch to a 3 way on their Jem? I personally don't use the single coil for ANYTHING. I'm curious to know what the change is like.
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I haven't done it on a JEM, but it shouldn't be a very big deal to drop a three-way blade switch in there. (A LP-style 3-way switch would be more work.) You can wire it any way you want. It would actually make it a lot more like the JS wiring.

Or you could simply leave the 5-way switch there and change the wiring to give you the bridge/neck combinations you want, and skip the middle pup connections. That's just a wiring change. Pretty simple to do, once you figure out exactly what you want it to do.
I personally love the middle pickup on my 7vwh. It is quiet and it cleans up nicely. So what I would do is add a switch that makes it so whenever the bridge or neck pup is on, they are both on. Have one of them on my G&L and its sweet - I can get that middle position tele tone with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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