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Jem 70V arrived today, SEAFOAM - and it KILLS

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Well I ordered mine in February and it arrived today. For those on the fence, and I own just about all the rarest Jems out there, it KILLS for the money.

Seafoam or not, Indonesian or not, it is what someone cares to put into their craft that makes a great axe.

I would put this up against any GMC, PMC or DNA as far as sound, playability and tone. I know, I have all three to compare it to and it does not fall flat.

So if you were on the fence, get off and get one - though the wait might be 2-3 months. Very back ordered item. The case is among the best JEM cases ever made, comes with STITCHED Ibanez on the top, in white, black interior, boxey, not rounded edges and an Ibanez tool (not 1-2 loose allen wrenches). It puts most new Jems to shame for what you get.

I am 110% pleased with my Jem 70V. Highly recommend it and consider it as good as any Jem I own, if not better. Owning 9 rare Jems, I can speak fairly confidently about build quality. Sure it has an AANJ neck joint and a fairly nondescript tremolo, but it stays in tune and kills on the one thing that matters - TONE!

So take my 2 cents or throw it out, but that is my opinion. It is well worth the $1200-$1400 you can get it for on the net. If you get it for less, buy 2, you won't regret it. Still think it will be a sleeper collectible Jem.
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Some of the headstock finishing I have not seen on ANY Jem for that matter. The 3 ply neck and bright silver hardware really pops. Sorry the pics are dark, but I wasn't doing a photo shoot, just wanted you all to see it. Again, this just came out so there are very few in-hand. The first shipments just went out last week in 95% of stores, I was just on the early-order list.

Again, it screams. That is my judgment of a JEM. If you can play a lick or two off FLEXABLE and it sounds like it, then it has the VAI mojo. If not, then it doesn't. No harmonic cannot be had with this axe. I love the color, some hate it.
They're in stock.

They don't kill any other JEM, but for half the money they should be accepted for what they are. A solid platform, play good, sound good, look good, and solid tuning.

The trem is not nondescript, it's on every JEM made from 87'-90'.
By non descript I mean it does not say anything on it. It is smooth/blank.

You have your opinion, I have mine. I can make this girl scream, whether others cannot is probably due to their experience. Considering I have an entire JEM collection to compare it to 10 feet from one another, and I don't see any others posting their 70V pics, it is what it is.

Name me one Jem it does not live up to and I will show you it can do it. I have a DNA, allegedly the greatest JEM ever made - surely the most pricey. It plays as good or better than that guitar.

My collection is insured for over $100,000.00, so again, I can form an opinion. The Les Paul is a Gibson VOS Rhoads (45/200). The SG, is one of only 600 made.

From a 555 to a DNA, plus all the 777's, it is flat out insane for the money. Why does a guitar need to cost more to play well? Indonesian labor is cheaper and they sent the same folks who made the higher end guitars to train the workers. In fact, I would bet the first batch is high quality because they are relying on the reaction of folks to make this premium JEM line work.
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I've got far more JEMs than you do, I don't need to know what anybody else has to formulate an opinion based on many years of playing them.

I got 8 in, I also rejected 2 of them. The frets ends run the gammet from good to so-so. They have the same cosmetic issues all the Premiums do, half have god the same horrible string/neck alignment, and a couple are in obvious need of fret levels. But those will be taken care of as always, and they are as I said, solid, good playing, good sounding, good looking [although very subjective], with stable tuning because they have the best trem Ibanez has ever used. You sound more like a dealer than I do though.

The JEM333, go ahead, sing it's praises.
What is the cost of this axe Rich? Edge trem is the selling point if the rest can be fixed as Rich said.

The OP's review reads like the typical "new toy syndrome" with a sprinkle of fanboy over-zealousness ;-) Enjoy... glen
Lets not let this turn into a measuring contest please. :) Glad you like the jem and glad to see a positive review.
Don't interfere yet Glen, we already have the who has more jems part going, they might be measuring dongs by page 3
What is the cost of this axe Rich? Edge trem is the selling point if the rest can be fixed as Rich said.

The OP's review reads like the typical "new toy syndrome" with a sprinkle of fanboy over-zealousness ;-) Enjoy... glen
You know I can only tell you MAP, but that's $1399. ;)

They are cased but it's a Chinese or Indo case, the well door in not held down by the top, and every one has come in with something from the well on top of the guitar, from bar to case keys.
I have no intention of measuring anything, I think you know who'd win that contest anyway ;)

I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea about the guitars. Overhyping is as bad as those that will trash them just because of where they are made. I always tell it like it is. They're Premiums so they're decent guitars. Some like them better than their Prestiges, some do not, some are still stuck in the 90's and nothing since has been worth it's cost.

But as Premiums they have the same issues all Premiums have had so far.
This is actually a fairly refreshing thread. Jemsearcher has offered up another glaring review of the 70V, which helps others to know these ARE quality instruments, while at the same time Rich keeps the hype to a minimum and the facts as straight forward as possible. For future 70V buyers that may be on the fence about buying one, this kind of thread could easily give them the push they need..........hopefully in Rich's direction.
Just remember Rich, only pull out enough to win
Your guitar had a good factory setup? Mine was terrible, with a string height of 1,2mm at first fret it was almost unplayable.

half have god the same horrible string/neck alignment,
I noticed that high E is much closer to the edge of the fingerboard than low E on mine. Is this an issue with the neck wrongly placed in the pocket or is it the bridge placed at the wrong spot? I'm guessing neck/pocket issue. Can it be adjusted at all? Is it enough reason to send it back and demand a new one?
It's neck pocket alignment. If it's bad enough I would definitely return it. If you have the skills to accurately fix the pocket then that's up to you. You can also cheat a little by pulling the locator knife edge out a little but you're limited to about .5mm of movement.
I've been preaching to the choir about it and it hasn't gotten any better.
Didn't know this was a WIN thread. What is funny is that I offered up an opinion, provided the first actual pictures (unless others are on here that I have not seen) and given my review. Whether Rich or anyone else likes the 70V, I don't really care. Someone asked for pics, I provided them immediately.Nuff said.
As far as the high E, the Yngwie Malmsteen scalloped stratocasters are much the same. Very little room for error. They are $1600 new. Mine was set up just fine and had no issues regarding playability. Additionally, string height is purely subjective. Malmsteen plays his strings high and he's among the top 5 guitarists in the world. Some like them to slightly buzz - so whatever works for your playing style.
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