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Jem 77fb blue 91

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i'm a new member.
i write here because i need help, a my friends has got a jem 77fb blue of 91 limited edition...
i would like to know: how much can be value? how can be cost?
which pick up has?

p.s sorry for my english but i'm italian!
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is that a 77FP or BFP? there isnt am FB.

However, not sure in Italian money, but they can go for anything in England around £800, I bought a mint BFB for £700 with original case. In stores they fetch more closer to £1,000.

Should be DiMarzio Paf Pros if its an FP or BFB. Never was a limited edition though.
thanks..they're about 1200 euro...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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