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Jem 77fp for sale in Australia

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Item for sale:77FP 88'

Description & Condition:used, original parts.

Asking Price: $1400 australian

My Location:Melbourne, Australia

Terms of Sale/Purchase:Secure transaction

Other Information:
I have all the original parts. One of the pink humbuckers needs work done to it which would be easy, other than that its fine. I have pics, if interested email me at [email protected] and we can discuss the transaction.
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Throw Me some pics mate!!

[email protected]

..... Is it the one up for Auction??
Ill send you some pics ASAP, sorry but its not on any auctions.
A few people have asked for pics so i thought id put some up.

I can post some pics of the other pink humbucker too if wanted later, ill just have to take some pics.

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Is this for sale still?

Please e-mail me at [email protected]

I have a few questions


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When you say one of the Humbuckers needs work, what do you mean? I am based in Sydney, and could well be interested if this pickup can be resurrected - Tim gets first choice over me though......
.... See Dave, I told you once you started you won't stop!! I think this one might have gone on an auction... not 100% sure though.... I'll step aside if you want it mate!
ya, tim's a real jem junkie..

I'm a bit curious as to what "work" needs to be done on the humbucker..
ummm hello....... still up for sale? Still interested!!!.......
Oh..I wish. I've always liked the FPs. One of these days......
Hey there

I think I would take for 1400AUD! how much would shipment to germany be???
Is the original bridge pickup still available??? have you got paypal??

regards, Max
Woah, someone must of found this thread down the bottom. Im sorry i didnt tell you guys but the jem was sold months ago in Melbourne. Hope there is not too much dissapointment, good luck trying to find another.
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