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I have had big problem - as you can read from here:


After asking for repairing it from few places here in Finland the luthiers were too afraid to fix it so I had to do it myself:

There is a starting point:


From these pics you can see better how bad the crack is (with truss rod bolt on):


Before you can really (but gently) twist the neck crack open you have to remove truss rod bolt:


Now you can see the big picture:


Here I show the method how to put the epoxy to go in - after glueing just sweep inside the crack
with some plastic part to fill the cracked hole properly with glue:


In this photo I press (gently, gently) with the nearest presser the crack more open for glueing with epoxy and
just in case I covered neck with painters tape:

Here the crack is showing its whole beauty when I'm pressing it more open:

Now its glued properly - it's important that you have the nut holes filled with paper or
something during glueing - and when you press the neck back together remember to take paper stuff out and keep holes clean from glue that presses out:


Ok here I press the headstock back together. First one of the pressers keeps the wood-stick tight against the table so headstock can lean against it during the pressing. The last press keeps the neck in place and the middle one presses headstock back to its original postition. No we have a nice 24h dry-time.

After 24h hours and after a little sanding with 240 paper headstock looks like this:

I can't feel the glued joint with my wedding-finger:


After putting my JEM 777DY/77FP back together it looks pretty good and here
the neck is back in its full tension with strings attached:

And oh - JEMs small brotha 77VBK wanted also in picture:

Hopefully this will help you in cases like mine.


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Nice pictorial. I also applaud the use of epoxy. Wood glue is good stuff, but for an application like this, I think I would trust expoxy more. Thanks for posting. It would be great if you could get the [\img] tags to work on that post so that each photo isn't a link that we have to click on.

again thanks!

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... this story has a really happy ending: :)

I can't hardly see where the headstock is repaired.
and on the left side in picture you can see my new Jackson project: :D

Mr. Vai said (when I pointed his EVO's awful large and legendary neckjoint crack) that it has also had genuine epoxy treatment with injection needles and the guitar is not going to be broken at least in that place never again. Hopefully anywhere else either.
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