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Hey Jemsite!

I've been on and off these boards for quite a while. I usually come back when i buysome cool ibanez gear. However, much like women in my life, i get new guitars all the time and when theres no more space to breathe in my apartment, i say out with the old and in with the new ;). So anyways, i dramatically reduced the size of my collection a few years ago when i enlisted in the Navy and moved to the west coast. A few years before that, i was proud owner of not 1, but 2 jems. An early 87' Jem777 SK with palm guard and an 89 Jem7PBK. I eventually sold the SK (huge mistake) and PBK along with a large amount of other ibanez's to buy a car. (Still have it and love it, but at this point in my life a car is easier to find than a pristine early production jem).

I've been kicking myself ever since. The only guitars i kept for myself were those that played and sounded best and held less value so i wouldnt mind if they got damaged along the 4000 mile road to the west coast. Fortunately, none of them were damage and they are still in my possession. One of these guitars is an 88 Ibanez RG550 dy that i love to death. Bought it off a fellow on here..

anyways i digress...

So the other day, i stop by my local music chain store to have a look. Normally , all they have is a Jem 7VWH on their wall. It's been there for over a year and its sticker price. It needs a lot of love and i just don't like it as much as the older ones ive had and i know i can get a nice one for cheaper than that. That day was different. There was a 555, which i have no interest in and then they have this other one which i recognize as a 77VBK, but it is tagged as a Jem505. The price is unusually low. It doesn't look used. Little swirls on the pickguard, but nothing unusual for a music store guitar. It wasn't tagged as used, but then again it wasn't a 505 so i inquired further. The price was 1659$. 1000$ less than what they are selling their 7Vwh. I'm sure the 7vwh is more valuable, but i remember seeing that most stores sold the 77vbk was roughly 100-200$ less. So anyways i go home and continue living my life. I can't sleep cause it haunts me. It brings back painful memories of whoring my guitars away for a car. When I awoke the following morning, it became clear. If I didn't take this chance, it might not come again for a while. I also knew I didn't have time to consider it, as I am sure they would eventually figure out that it's not the right model.

I arrive at the store this morning. Guitar is still there (relieved) and the price is still skewed. The salesman informs me they had it transferred from another branch for a customer and it ended up sitting there. (I assumed he asked for a 505. The store threw in a 77vbk cause they left the task to someone who didn't know better. Guitar gets here and the guy never shows up, little did he know he loses out on a great deal as he probably only had the means to buy the 505.). I point out a tiny swirl mark in the pickguard and the man obviously knew where i was going with this, so he drops the price to 1549.00$. I stopped there because i knew if i haggled any more, I'd be going to hell faster lol :p.

So here are some pictures! Enjoy

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