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Jem 90th HAM - Just Acquired

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Just got my first Jem, and it’s the 90th anniversary model.

Couple questions

1) the neck and middle pickup are labeled Dimarzio, but the bridge is not, but appears to be a Dimarizo. Was this normal?

2) Anybody have a wiring diagram? Have some awful buzzing going on and lots of noise when switching positions, so either have a bad ground or the pickups are not wired correctly. Want to make sure it’s all correct.

3) Has a non original case. What was the actual case that came with this?

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


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Great score! I got my HAM some time ago and it's a great guitar to play. The one I have, doesn't make any noise at all. I do not need any noise gates when I play, compared to my other guitars.

The only thing I do not like is the tone knob. It's like on/off and cuts the highs when in 2-3/10 position. Would like the cut to be even all the way. Don't know if it's original or not, though.

How's OP's tone knob?

EDIT: Attached a pic of mine


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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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