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Jem 90th HAM - Just Acquired

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Just got my first Jem, and it’s the 90th anniversary model.

Couple questions

1) the neck and middle pickup are labeled Dimarzio, but the bridge is not, but appears to be a Dimarizo. Was this normal?

2) Anybody have a wiring diagram? Have some awful buzzing going on and lots of noise when switching positions, so either have a bad ground or the pickups are not wired correctly. Want to make sure it’s all correct.

3) Has a non original case. What was the actual case that came with this?

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


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When it comes to your bridge pickup, if it was a replacement dimarzio then it won't say it on the face. You might want to pop the pick guard out and see what it says on the back. It should say Dimarzio USA.

As for the buzzing if you touch the bridge and it stops then it's probably the ground. If it still does it, make sure the ground wire on the spring claw is secure... if it is, try a couple different cables. Those barrel Jack's tend to act weird when they start to wear out. I have a barrel jack in my 540r that hates my monster cable... But the magomi cable works great. It has something to do with the shape of the tip of the cable. Here's a diagram for a jem. It should be the same. At least all the satch guitars I've been around seem to be wired the same way.

Depending on how it was stored, you may have some dirty electronics. Though from the look of it... It seems pretty damn clean. Nice looking Jem! I've always wanted a 90th HAM JS.


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