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jem bsb?

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I know were I can pick up a jem bsb in good shape. What are these jems worth? Is $975 a good deal?
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They play very well, just depends more on if you like the finish or not and how much of the stain is left because they are not cleared it can rub off over time.
no clear huh? I wonder if that makes the tone a little different? Anyone know what the value of these jems might be? are they rare?
how are these different other than asthetics?
$975 is a good deal if it's in good shape.
The tone is absolutely different. I had one for a few months and found it to be far brighter and more aggressive than my BFP (also equipped with an evolution in the bridge).

The Evo neck pickup was far too biting for my taste.

They're not too too hard to come by. at least a few pop up every month here or on the auction site tha shall not be named.

I did like the way it looked, but eventually sold to Paul Secondino (a forumite). I think i needed the cash more than i needed the guitar at the time.

PS: It was a very comfortable guitar to play.
uner 1000 for a BSB is a pretty good deal I'd say. I longed for one of these! :)
The BSB is one of a VERY few jems I'd actually buy, opartly due to the lack of finish and partly because it just looks cool. For what it's worth... ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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