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Jem colour scheme?

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I am pretty new here but I look around pretty often. Anyway, I have a 93' Jem7vwh with ebony board. I am thinking about replacing the pickguard etc. with a plum pearl colour instead of the normal white. I feel to Vai with it. I am a true Vai fan he is my biggest influence hence the Jem 7vwh, I am just feeling too Vai. What do you guys think of the purple/white/gold colour scheme.

Merry Christmas to you all
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Don't change the pickguard or anything about your guitar/setup just because of the Vai association!

The Jem7V is a fantastic guitar, if people say you're copying Vai or trying to be him then stuff them, it's just a great guitar.

If you change the pickguard it'll still be the same guitar and look more or less the same and will still be the 'Vai' model. Any other pickguard on the 7vwh would just look wrong in my opinion. If you're going to change anything for just a different look then i'd replace the gold hardware with silver hardware instead, although that's quite a costly procedure.
I know exactly where you're coming from with the "too vai" thing. Most people however, dont know who steve vai is, so its not usually a problem. But if I were to perform in front of a bunch of guitar players, I'd feel like an idiot playing my 7vwh. But theres nothing you can really do, IMO, that will make it seem "less vai" to a guitarist. Its white....its got the handle..and especially the inlay.
Ibanez249 said:
If you've got the bottle, swirl it ;)
As cool as it would be it's still undoubtably VAI...

You could always buy an RG if you don't want it to look like a Jem.
Swirling it would be awesome. But I haven't got the cajones to do it.
Figure it this way, some people look at my RG8670 and think it's a 'Steve Vai' guitar because it's got a vine inlay on it. So if you want it to stop looking so 'Vai' you'll have a lot to do. It'd be easier to invest in a used RG5xx/7xx or even a used J-Custom than it is trying to make a Jem seem less 'Vai'.
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