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JEM copy, done my way! Trade for Godin Acoustic or nice bass
I built my version of the Steve Vai JEM, the way I wanted it. I got this nice basswood body, sanded it to have sexier curves and more strat-like countours, took off inches from the ridiculously long horns, and treated it with hardener. I then stained it ebony, then spray painted the edges and back with black satin, then sealed the body with a nice spray satin poly. Finish is great! A cool brownburst look.

Then I added a 24 fret neck off an Ibanez RG220. The previous owner tried to paint the frets yellow, which I didn't care for, and was going to repaint or have abalone laid in, but I just wanted to get it up and running. I still have the yellow paint if you want to finish it, I just don't care for aesthetics, I just want it to sound good.

Adding an Edge Pro tremolo rounds it out, but this is where the details really sizzle. In the bridge position is a Dimebucker, the neck a Bare Knuckles humbucker (can't remember which one, dang it- but it costs $275), and a Seymour Duncan middle humbucker. All are humbuckers, all have coil tap, with a 5 position switch, and a nice capacitor to smooth things out.

No case and no cavity plates, sorry. Just never got around to either. Pennies on the dollar for a quality instrument. I DO have the strap buttons.

This is a great, versatile player, does metal/blues/rock/jazz, just not great for country. I hadn't had a guitar with a tremolo in 14 years, and found that my playing style is more flatpicking and Brad Paisley-like open runs, and I fumble with the bar. Can't believe I built my dream guitar and my style has changed so much!

No one in town can say they have one of these, for sure! It cost me around $1500 to build this thing, have the neck perfected and set up by Chip at Chip's music, plus have him wire the electronics.

I would be open to trading for a thinline steel string acoustic, preferably a Godin, or Chet Atkins model acoustic, or a Crafter steel string- I have a nylon Crafter already and love it. I'd also love a nice bass, one that is BRIGHT with slap/pop tone. I can tell the second I play one unplugged if it's going to have that 'slap', and a thud bass would bore me to tears. 4 or 5 string, though prefer 4. Will take cash if the trade is for a lower end model or kick in cash fora trade up. I like Lakland basses, but have a great affinity for the new Fender Pawn Shop Jaguar bass. All considered.

Cash offers considered, too.

Pictures are available here: http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b366/stevodod/

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Let me make sure my figures are correct, if I'm mistaken, kick me and lower the price!

1. $100 body
2. $69 in finishing supplies
3. $120 neck
4. $275 bare knuckles pickup
5. $100 dimebucker pickup
6. $60 Duncan stacker pickup
7. $45 tuners
8. $10 nut
9. $10 screws/ferrules
10. $200 Edge Pro tremolo
11. $80 to have neck treated, filed, etc.
12. $56 to have the pickups and switch wired up
13. $14 strap locks
14. $10 Tremolo posts
15. $10 knobs
16. $10 5 way switch
17. $10 single flip switch for middle pickup
18. $25 push-pull capacitor
19. $18 500K volume pot
20. $15 input jack

I come up with $1227 there, not counting supplies for finishing and/or any labor costs, so officially on parts alone we're at $1227. Sorry for any inflating numbers there, I guess I was figuring what someone would have spent in labor costs sanding, sealing, and intonation.

Generally parts guitars generate less revenue than what you put into them, so I'm willing to be realistic on any deal!

Thanks for keeping me accountable. Great forum here!
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