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Does anybody know a place that sells corect size Ibanez Jem Decals?
I bought an Ibanez Jem 7RB with 87 neck plate and the logo is almost completely rubbed off. There is no doubt that it is a real Jem, though.
I am now trying to find a way to restore the logo. So I read through this forum and searched for advise, but have had little sucess yet..
Here is what i did so far:
-Tried to get a Decal from Best-Decals: Not in business anymore.
-Bought some decals off Ebay: Wrong Size. Not only the Jem but the Ibanez part is way too large. I own a 1987 Jem 777SK, so i know what an Original logo should look like. There is another guy on Ebay that sells Jem Decals, but he does not ship to Europe, so i have no way to try those.
-Contacted Hoshino US, as some member said that they would restore logos on Original Jem necks. They responded that they do not do such work and even if they did, they could not ship to Europe.
-Contacted Sim Customs: Said he does not sell Ibanez logos.
-Contacted another Ebay source who does Ibanez decals and claims to do custom work. Said he can not do it.
To repeat: I am not trying to pass on a Fake Jem as genuine Ibanez, I am really trying to restore an Original Jem. If needed, I can provide pictures of the Guitar to prove it is legit. And because of that, I do not want it to look fake either.
According to the pictures I have been able to find (there is one under the sold section on Ed Romans Website) the Original Logo is white with what looks to be a golden Jem part. I assume that i would have to buy two decals, one in white for the Ibanez part and one in golden color for the Jem part. Or rather, I would, if i knew where to get them.
I am sorry that I have to start my first thread asking for help, but I am at the end of my tether and wojld appreciate if somebody could point me in the right direction.
Thanks a lot and best regards.
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