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Hey all, I'm looking for advice for upgrades for this JEMJRSP I bought recently. So far I've upgraded the:

Side note: I'm not interested in your opinion on this guitar. I love it, and that's all that matters 馃槈 .
  1. Knobs
  2. Bridge pickup (DiMarzio Crunchlab)
  3. Fat block, brass sustain block (should be here tomorrow)
  4. 920D custom wiring harness (pish-pull 500k pots, wires, input jack, and treble blend cap)
I'm looking for a custom pickguard with matching truss-rod cover.

I may also change the tremolo. I've seen a chart that shows which trem system will work in the jemjr, so I'll look for that.

What else? Tuners? Any other suggestions on little upgrades?

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The other upgrade I like to do is fit a DiMarzio cliplock strap. These were all the rage in the late 80s into the 90s and I think they鈥檙e the best straps available in terms of minimal alterations to yield maximum security. They also look cooler than any other straps :D

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Replace the bridge with a gotoh ge1996t. Leaps and bounds a better trem and it's a drop in replacement. Only about... $125-$135 Reuse the existing studs/posts.

As ibaraki said, definitely clean those fret ends up. I use a 220 grit sponge sanding block, let the tool do the job, not much pressure is needed... And just go up and down the fret ends at the angle they were filed until they feel silky. Then just use some super fine steel wool to polish them up. You can even leave the tape off before polishing to give the fret board a rounded feel. I would recommend taping off the frets to polish them, that way you are not removing anything from the fingerboard.

Tuners could be replaced with some gotoh ones but... I mean do you really need nice tuners with a locking nut? That's more a luxury than a useable necessary upgrade.
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