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k, so i got 2 questions here. Is there any difference in the feel of the UVs and the JEMs? say i had to choose between UV777 and JEM7VWH, would there be that big of a gap? second question, are seven strings harder to play than 6 strings? last thing real quick on that first topic, personal choice, what would you pick, uv777 ,7vwh?
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if you can afford, get both! none better than the other, they are different!
I have Jem7VWH at the moment, used to have UVMC and played a lot on my friend'S UV777 they all great!
It's really your call whether or not you want to go with 7 strings or not. If you've never played a 7 string before it'll take a bit of time to get used to, but once you've got the hang of it, it requires no effort switching back and forth. 7 strings are great when you want a lot of low and heavy chugga-chugga type rhythm. Now that I've started to talk about 7 strings I got the urge to play my UV right now.
As buddroyce said, you'll get used to the transition between 6 and 7's. Remember, a 7 can do what a 6 does, and then some. :D

So, I would suggest the UV.
Get a UV. It takes about 2 days to get used to. I switch back and forth everyday between a 6 and 7 and have no problems. Personally I prefer the width of the neck on my UV comapred to my Jem.
I always felt like a giant when switching from my UV back to a Jem, but within a half hour all was good!
I'd say go for the UV!
I strictly play Ibanez 7s and have for 7 and 1/2 years so Im going to say UV. :D
I have both a vwh and a uv777 and I love them both, it would take a lot to permamently pry either one from my hands. I bought my vwh first, and that is probably a good starting point so I would say go for that.
i would say go UV 1st, then save up and get the VWH cos when u switch from 7 strings to 6 it feels so damn easier u will play even better on the 6!!
I think I'd get the Jem first. The 7VWH is an amazing guitar. The UV's are great guitars as well, but the resale is better on the 7VWH. You can sell a 7VWH and buy a UV. If you get the UV and then decide to sell it and get the Jem, you'll need additional cash to cover the price of the Jem. They're both great, but I'd get the Jem.
hard decision! we gave advice to take the jem, to take the uv and to take both.I think the guy still do not know what to do.
But! Both guitars is top instruments, after a certain point it is just matter of taste!
yeah, its all mixed around in my head right now, so im pretty sure i might just go for both, however, that will take some time for a 15 year old to do on his own...
around how much does a new UV777 cost? and how much does a used cost?
If this helps, the UV777P costs less than a VWH (in the US anyway).
Universe. I have a UV777. Great guitar. I like them better than JEMs.
is the rg 7620 of any good quality for a seven string compared to a uv
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