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Here is a (probably silly) question about JEM paint:

On the 7VWH it has been claimed Ibanez use a special white paint that is highly UV resistant so the guitar does not turn a hideous uneven cream colour over time.

Is this the same of the old JEM Jr 555? (Before the cheap 333 renamed as the "Jem Jr" took over).

I only ask as I managed to get a "mark 2" (2004 with the EdgePro 2 trem) recently basically to use as a gigging guitar, and to my surprise found it as well made and playing as well as my "real" JEM's, so I have been sitting outside in the lovely hot weather with it noddling away, and then started thinking "am I going to ruin the paint job or did Ibanez stick the 7VWH paint on it?".

The one reason I never play my tatty JEM 777VDY outside is concerns about the UV causing paint fade so it never goes anywhere near direct sunlight!
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