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What do you do when you want a Jem77-FP2 but either haven't got the money or refuse to pay the asking price to Mr.Ibanez?

My answer was to build my own. This project started two years ago! It has taken this long as a result of intervening life events and good old procrastination. It's been a true 'labour of love' but is finally complete.

A donor RG270 was used as the basis for the project. I only really wanted the body and neck and these have been extensively modified. Virtually all the hardware and fittings are new and selected specifically for this build.

It's not meant to be an exact replica, more of a Jem homage. That gave me artistic licence to modify certain things to my own preference. It is a genuine fabric finish (but not my Mum's kitchen curtains..). My inspiration for the way the fabric was applied front and back came from the Quilt caps on the Ibby RGJC30LTD.

It's uncanny that I actually ended up buying a genuine FP2 mere days before finishing this. What are the odds? No matter, it's rather cool to have both. In many ways I prefer the style of my own - colour scheme, AANJ, mildly radiused body edges, different Jack socket etc. It's certainly more personal. I know it's not the 'real deal' and I would never pretend it is. However, it looks, feels, plays and even sounds the part sufficiently well that I'm very satisfied with the result!

So, without further ado. Lay-deeeeeeez and Gennnnlemennnn! Allow me to introduce my Jem PHP2.

(I will provide more pics in a subsequent post)


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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