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JEM Specs - 555 Guitars

JEM & UV Specifications

JEM 555 Guitars

Pictures Gallery GalleryGallery
Color Black White White
Body BasswoodBasswoodBasswood
Pickguard Black pearloid ('94 had plain black)White pearloidWhite pearloid
Pickup Color Black White White
Knobs Black White White
5-way TipBlackWhiteWhite
Inlays Pearloid Vine to fret 12. Pearloid dots elsewhere
Fretboard Rosewood, frets 21-24 not scalloped
Fret 21-24 ScallopedNo
Fret Wire Ibanez SBB215-150 "Jumbo"

Neck Type

one-piece maple

Neck Joint

All Access Neck Joint
Hardware Cosmo Black
Pickups DiMarzio Evolution (Humbucker/Single/Humbucker)
Tremolo Lo-TRS II (inferior to the Edge) EdgeProII (2003-present)
Years 1994-2000 usa market1994-2000 usa marketmid-1997- 2000 usa market
Quantity widely available
Note Ibanez' designated "JEM Jr".

Only Lefty model JEM available. Too bad it's a 555

JEM555 Note - Ibanez' designated "JEM Jr". Prior to January, 1997 the 555s had "JEM Jr." inscripted on the headstock. These have the All-Access Neck Joint & Evolution pickups. Author's suggestion - avoid these and buy a used JEM7 series instead!

While the 555 has been CANCELLED in the USA in 2000 mostly due to poor sales and horrible feedback, the 555 has been since reintroduced in many areas where JEM7s are higher priced in relative terms vs USA pricing.
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