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JEM Specs - Anniversary Guitars
Written by JEM Site

JEM & UV Specifications

JEM Anniversary Guitars

List Price$2999.99 w/ case$2999.99 + case$4999.99 w/ case $6666.65 w/ 20th Road case
Pictures JEM10, GalleryGalleryPhotos
Color Black w/ binding Blue-Green metallic textureDNA multicolor swirlClear tri-color swirl
Body Basswood Basswood BasswoodHand made acrylic resin
Pickguard Engraved Aluminum Mirrored AluminumClearClear
Pickup Color Chrome Plastic BlackGreen, Red & Black MulticolorPink & Green
Knobs Chrome BlackGreenYellow & Green
5-way TipBlackBlackGreenPink
Inlays Abalone Pearl Vine 12th fret two abalone dots, 24th fret plaquegreen dot fretboard inlay with blue vine ("DNA blood vesicle")Pearloid Vine
Fretboard Ebony (bound fretboard & headstock)EbonyRosewood Rosewood
Fret 21-24 Scalloped NoNoYes Yes
Fret Wire w6105SBB216-195 w6105?
Neck Type1-piece maple1-piece maple w/ bubinga stripe1-piece maple w/ bubinga stripe5 pc. JEM maple/Walnut Prestige
Neck JointAll Access Neck JointAll Access Neck Joint
Rear neck has truss rod stripe
All Access Neck Joint
Rear neck has truss rod stripe
All Access Neck Joint
Rear neck has truss rod stripe
Hardware Chrome


Powder Cosmo Chrome
Pickups DiMarzio Evolution (Humbucker/Single/Humbucker) DiMarzio Evolution (Humbucker/Single/Humbucker) DiMarzio The Breed
DiMarzio Trans JEM
Tremolo Lo-Pro Edge
Years 1996 -19971998VAI2K (2000) 2007
Quantity 210 in the USA, 852 total worldwide

72 in the USA (thru Hoshino USA in Bensalem); 759 total worldwide

300 worldwide 500 worldwide (~200 USA)
Note 10th Anniversary JEM. Incredible attention to detail.90th Anniversary Hoshino Model. Finish based on the previously released J-Custom RG-Metal1.Multicolor paint includes Steve Vai's blood. Hand swirled multicolor by Darren Michaels ATD.20th Anniversary Model clear swirl.

JEM10 Notes - 10th Anniversary JEM. Includes numbered letter of authenticity hand signed by Steve Vai. The aluminum pickguard has an engraved vine and it's JEM10 serial number. JEM10s designated for the USA have a silver tweed JEM case with outside plaque and inner silk screened protective shroud. Later numbered JEM10s going to the USA have their JEM10 plaque screwed onto the case, instead of riveted/glued on.

Where Certain JEM10s Went: According to Hoshino USA distribution of certain JEM10s are as follows: Steve doesn't have JEM10TH #777. We're not sure which ones he DOES have, but he doesn't have these: #1 (is here at Hoshino USA) or #2 (at Roland/Meinl in Germany). #3, 5, 7, and 9 went for sale in the US market. #777 (unknown owner). After that, Hoshino has no further info on which # went where. JEM10 #16 was given away by Steve Vai during G3
JEM90 Note - 90th Anniversary Hoshino Model. Include letter of authenticity presented in a silkscreened Ibanez folder. USA model JEM90s that came through Hoshino USA included a nice Ibanez J-Custom case. Chesbro and worldwide distributors used a standard RG case. Paint scheme based on J-Custom RG-Metal1. First JEM with the bubinga "skunk stripe" truss rod reinforcement on the neck.

JEM2KDNA Note - Multicolor paint which includes Steve Vai's blood. Hand swirled finish by Darren Johansen (DMI/ATD). The paint was done in Japan, Early April, 2000. The guitars are being assembled in a custom shop of Hoshino, instead of a current JEM/UV assembly line. Rear headstock includes serial # (1-300) and three stamped Y2K logos (for the Y2K Ibanez models: DNA, CP & Benson). Guitars come with letter of authenticity and Y2K guitar bag. All USA DNA's came in a black UV1000 varient case w/ "leather" handle and purple lining. All others came with a ATA type flight case.

Some comments from Darren - Well in back and the trip went well! The guitars are sweet!!! and I got to see the first two clear coated. May I say #$%# I was impressed! The custom shop is amazing and the craftsmen ship is unbelievable!!! All of the people there are so nice it would be impossible to describe in words! This project has had the royal treatment all the way and every one is better than the next!! If you have put your money down you will not be disappointed! Hope all has been well since I left and I have missed home a lot ! But the experience was wild, I cant wait to go back! The people at the custom shop as well as Ibanez are wonderful and have went way out of there way to pull this off no expense was spared on prep or execution... I was totally impressed! (Darren/ATD - 4/10/2000)

Colors used for the DNA swirl - blood red, neon green, neon red, neon yellow, black, neon pink. I mixed in it [Steve's Blood] and not a shaby amount either. (Darren/ATD - 4/10/2000)

DNA & Blood Content - For the record your if you own a DNA you have a good amount of the "DNA". The "blood red" paint that I mixed was mixed at a ratio of aproximately 8:1 [paint:blood] so the content is quiet high. There had to be pigment mixed into the paint to hold it onto the guitar as well as a carrier. If you purchase a canvas you get a picture of myself and someone mixing [the blood] in to the color. Also a picture of the room we did the guitars in too. The canvases also have the same content as I mixed all the DNA left into the paint when I left Japan and brought the paint back with me . I hope this clears things up for you. Darren ATD

Serial Numbering by ATD: When the guitars were done they put them into boxes numbered: box 1 of 30, 2 of 30, 3 of 30 and so on with the first one 1 on the bottom 11 0n the bottom 21 on the bottom of each box. There will be some that are out of place. I pulled a few here and there for a QC check. About 30 or so maybe a little more. They went to the end and middle of the line. I pulled them throughout the run. They are if not on the number pretty darn close though

Guitar Center LA, CA's DNA Display Guitar - I just wanted to say something about the G.C. DNA guitar [that Steve lent to Guitar Center]. That guitar is the "prototype" and only that. That guitar does not even contain the DNA. As fact has it, when Steve got it, he played it for seveal weeks and loved it. But he was bummed that it didn't have the DNA on it. He also did not [lend] the DNA [guitar to Guitar Center] till after that one was made. As I heard, he wanted a few with the DNA in them and after I was done with them Steve has recieved a few. We did a few extras over and above the 300 for Steve and replacement bodies and necks just incase one of you wild players got too crazy lol!! Also just in case there were any production problems (hey catch this body im done with the electronics) only kidding! In case of shipping problems they wanted to make sure that they had 300 to go out and one of the 300 was mine 001/300. Well thats all I know Darren A.T.D.
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