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JEM-Style Neck in Europe, where?

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Hello everybody,
I'm still planning to build a custom JEM from scratches but I don't even know where to start. Now I'm concentrating on the neck: is there a european website or shop who can build a neck in a perfect JEM Style (I was think about light blue leaves on a bright neck)?

Any suggestion?

Thank you!
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Well, you could ask for a quote on www.shamray.net
They're located in Russia...
I know that Steve Vai's guitar during the Aching Hunger performances in Holland makes custom guitars and is specialized in Ibanez but I remember his name or the name of his website.


Hi Villicus!

May I ask why it has to be a European shop? There are some guys here on the forum who have specialized in "copying" Ibanez and especially JEM guitars. A starting point I could suggest is to contact Eddie from EKG Guitars. AFAIK he makes bodies, but I am quite sure he can give you the right names for such a job! I can also give you some German luthiers. But none of them has specialized in Ibanez guitars. They are quite expensive too and are not really capable IMO...

Btw, I did a trip to Milano last summer. The traffic was HORROR!!!

Hope I could help you a little bit...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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