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Jem Vsk

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I was just wondering if anyone on this forum has any of these crazy ass beauties. If so post some pics.
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I have a friend who has one. He bought it by "mistake". When he was looking for his Jem, asked for a sk, but Ibanez send the vsk. We don´t know if it was an ordering failure or not. Anyways it is a shocking axe :), more than the sk I think, so he bought that guitar. Be sure that any pic can show how shocking it is. For me it is one of my favs. Happily the paint hasn´t faded yet. It has some scratches on the edge of the body, but anything important. I´m trying to buy that guitar, but he want to. Someday I will make some pictures and I´ll post them here.

There is a band called Saratoga, whose guitar player have another one, whith the pick-ups changed to Evo´s. You can see it at www.saratoga-agotaras.com/photomanager/photos.php?seccion=20#.

The picture posted on this web is awfull. The neck isn´t pink as it shows.
That's pretty cool. I like the white pickups. ;)
That axe does look pretty sweet w/white pups. Awesome, anyone have some pics of their private guitar/collection.

Love that pink!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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