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I am selling my Ibanez Steve Vai Jem, and Ibanez guitar case

Model: Jem77BFP
Year: 1991

1991 Ibanez Jem77 BFP (Blue Floral) Jem guitar-only made these for 4 years. 1991 to 1994
Blue floral with blue floral maple neck.
It is a working mans guitar. This Jem has a few rough spots, but plays excellent, and everything works as it should.
No hidden repairs or anything like that.
A couple minor dings and scratches on the body, and on the head, see photos, small ding on the side between two light reflections. Nothing deep and nasty.
Previous owner engraved into the neck-plate. Can be grinded/polished out, then painted.
Just to look at this guitar you would not know or see (it) or them. It needs to be scrutinized to see find them.
The neck plate is worn a bit.
It is all original and is set up pretty well. It totally rocks the house. The pick-ups sound incredible and positions #2 and #4 sound awesome.

Interesting Jem Fact for the BFP……It is the Only maple 'board with a Vine.
If you have never played one of these then you have missed something. Neck is arrow straight and frets are great with years and years of good use.
Year: 91
Finish: Blue Floral picture (paper) w/ clear coat.
Body: American Basswood
Pickups: DiMarzio PAF Pro (Humbucker/Single/Humbucker)
Neck Inlays: Blue Vine
Fretboard: Maple
Scalloped: Yes, Fret 21-24
Fret Wire: 6140
Tremolo: Lo-Pro Edge
Neck Joint: Original Neck Joint, Previous owner engraved into the plate. Can be ginded polished out and painted.
Hardware: Cosmo Black
Pickguard: Clear
Pickup Color: Blue
Knobs: Blue
5-way Tip: Blue
Comes with original Ibanez hardshell case and Whammy bar.
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