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I've purchased a new Ibanez 7DBK on saturday (finally joined the club of JEM lovers!), but now I've got a bit of a problem with the tremolo.
Let me first off state that I have got no prior experiences with Lo-Pro Edge tremolos.

The trem bar is angled slightly downward (towards the guitar) and caresses the pick-up selector when grabbed. Especially when the selector is in the middle position the bar smacks into it.
Now I of course want to fix this and I found this page: http://www.jemsite.com/tech/t_1setup.htm#step1.
Will I be able to do this without running a significant risk of wrecking the guitar, or should I let a professional guitar tech do this (costs +/- $40)? The set-up of the guitar in general is great though, no fret buzz and the strings are exactly the right hight for me.
I'm by no means a 'handy' guy and I found setting up my Gibsons properly to be a tricky job and I really don't want to destroy my new baby.
Any hints/suggestions?

I'm sorry for this 'newbie' question (I guess I better be happy I didn't purchase a 555 also, ey :eek:).

Thanks guys!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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