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JEM7V thru a solid-state amp

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Not sure if this topic has been discussed before but I'm sure it beats the best of all "Vs" threads (even those created by me) :D

Ok, does anyone know if a JEM7V sounds good through a SOLID-STATE amp i.e. guitar plugged straight into the amp, with no effects pedals and/or processors in between?

Reason I'm asking is I'm planning to buy a JEM7VWH, but not sure how it would sound like played through my cheap Dean Markley SOLID-STATE amp. If it sounds like crap, then I would have to upgrade to a decent TUBE amp. Thinking of getting a Mesa Boogie F-50 combo amp further down the road to complement the JEM7V.

Advices and opinions very much appreciated.
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For me it's either the Mesa Boogie F-50 or the Peavey 6505 (5105).

I tried the 6505 at the local store yesterday and it sounded really noisy with lots of background hissing noise, even on the clean channel. Now, I'm having 2nd thoughts on this one.

I gotta try out the F-50 one day. I've read a lot of good stuff about this amp.
6505s tend to be pretty noisy. But get a real (tube) amp!
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