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I just finished another JEM project guitar I wanna show here for anyone who is interested.
After finding a very tempting body I decided to build a wood design JEM after my imagination. My personal Woody so to say.
I found an excellent veneer very swirl like hence the JEM name SLW (swirl like wood), my first idea.
(As Santir79 suggested the JEM is now the Tiger JEM (TJ) which I like even better.)

The JEM came out very well and sounds dark and aggressive. It plays beautifully and is on par with my other Japan JEMs.

Body: Basswood
Neck: Modern JEM7V neck
Pickups: Evolution Neck, Evolution Sigle Coil, Evo2
Bridge: Ibanez Edge
Hardware: Cosmo Black
Color: Swirl Like Wood (veneer 0.5 mm), basic color is black
Weight: approx. 3500 g

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