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as per my previous post, I went today to see the used 2006 Jem 7VWH, inspected it, played it and compared it with a new 2008 Jem that the store has in stock.

I found this difference:
- in the back of the headstock the 2006 has the 'Made by team JCraft' and the serial number graphic only, whereas the 2008 has got this one and the other 'CE compliance' graphic too. So 2006 only one graphic, 2008 has two graphics.(See this pic: on ibanezrules, pics for the real jem, nr 2014, can't post the direct link on here)
Is this supposed to be like that in the 2006 model?

-in the box there are only 3 allen keys and a spring, is there something else missing?

Upon playing both guitars, the 2008 felt way better, the neck felt better, the sound clearer and richer, I was kind of disappointed by the 2006's sound.
Let's say that if I had the choice, I would buy the 2008, but it's too pricey.

The 2006 is almost mint, just some colour lost in 3 screws of the pickguard, they look silverish with traces of gold, I guess from the use?

The store will put on new strings and I'll go see it again in some days to see if this makes an overall improvement.

I wasn't expecting to find such a difference in the sound, any comments on this? Why could it be? It's not that bad, it's just that the 08's sound is superior and feels better...or am I nutts?

Your input is welcome,


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i think there can be small differance between the same model with same specs.i have had 7 same rg550's from 1987-1996(one 2000) and they are all different!its about very small things but if you are picky and have a good hearing you feel en hear it.i had 2 550 ltd from 1995 and both are different!the neck totally and the sound completely too!ofcourse its about details but i see and feel it.i gues you can too. maybe im a little high sensitive and a little audiophile but i taste the difference in a apple pie from the same bakery everytime.but they are always great!thats with the rg550's too.and with the jems also wich i have played.but be sure
the strings are the same and both have a good set up and the amp is the same .play on your own amp with the same settings as usual(dont chance anything)then you feel and hear it the best!i hope i have given you a little usefull information.

and i gues your crazy,or nuts......its from that guitar!you have a virus inside!
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